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Patient Testimonials

Please let us know your experiences from root canal treatment with Dr Jacobs.

Your testimonial may be used on this website, Dr Jacobs social medial accounts linked below, or by the practice where you had your root canal treatment with Dr Jacobs.

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Patient Testimonials: Testimonials

Yesterday I had a root canal treatment done with Dr Jacobs! Firstly of all I am extremely nervous of dentists, but Dr Jacobs made me feel completely at ease (he even managed to make me smile during the local anaesthetic).
Before having the procedure I have been in pain with this tooth for a number of years, and as I said previously I have a fear of the dentist so have ignored the pain!
During the procedure I felt at ease and relaxed! After just 24 hours I can actually bite down on this tooth for the first time in years!
Thank you so so much Dr Jacobs! What an amazing dentist you are!!


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